Farrago: Slippery When Dead

This film was shot with Farrago*, the world’s finest Augmented Reality (AR) Zombie-Filmmaking iPhone app.

The Farrago App includes over 40 3-D objects for your mobile AR filmmaking pleasure. This particular video was shot* using Farrago’s exquisite Zombie Head object and, unlike ordinary AR filmmaking iPhone apps, the other props, such as the pool of blood and warning sign, were added to the scenes using Farrago’s state-of-the-art Object Creator feature. No other AR filmmaking app delivers more Zombie satisfaction for your iPhone.

Yes, Farrago. Now available at your local iTunes App Store at popular price. 

*edited on iPhone using the stupendous iMovie app with groovy old-timey filter courtesy of the fantastic CinemaFXV app.